Thanks to our volunteer groomer, Todd Clouser, many people have been enjoying cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or snow biking on the North Valley Trail this winter.

North Valley Trail skiingIt’s great to see that McCall locals and weekend visitors are discovering the trail. After I posted some pictures on the Valley County Pathways Facebook page, people were like, “Wow, that looks awesome! Where is it? What’s the trail fee?”

The North Valley Trail can be accessed from River Ranch, the Activity Barn parking lot or at the south end of the trail by Heinrich Lane, if you happen to live in that area.

The trail runs for about 3.5 miles out and back, or 7 miles total — just about perfect for a 1.5-hour outing. There is a set xc ski track and a groomed surface plenty wide enough for skate skiing. The trail is mostly flat, with a couple of hills here and there. The trail is perfectly suited for beginners on up.
We are not charging a fee for using the North Valley Trail, but we’d love to receive donations to cover our grooming costs. Click here to make a donation … Thank you!

-Steve Stuebner


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  1. Recently moved to McCall and live adjacent to the trail (616 3rd Steet, Suite 201) and use it frequently for x-country skiing this past winter and now biking. One of my dog’s favorite McCall amenities. Was involved in trail development efforts in Oregon. Would like to become a member of and volunteer with the North County Trail Development effort.

    Terry Edvalson
    Cell: 541.377.6355

  2. Gee thanks Terry! Love to have you! I will be in touch … we’re planning an event on the North Valley Trail in early August, and we’ll have a lot of things to do for that! Best, Steve Stuebner

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